RCV Builds the Strongest Axles On the Planet - RCV Performance Toyota Axles now have a conveniently located zerk fitting at the end of the stub shaft which allows for quick and easy maintenance of your birfs. - - Upgrade your rear Dana 44 JK Axles with our semi float 300M axles. - RCV Performance Axles are The Last Axles You Will Ever Need - KOH Racers Call us today for your custom applications. The race will be here before we know it! - -

Strongest Axles on the Planet!TM

RCV Performance Products revolutionary axle shaft designs provide the strength, smoothness, and the reliability you need to power through
the most demanding off road conditions. RCV Ultimate CV axles simply replace existing u joint axle shafts and are
also offered in configurations to fit independent front suspension. RCV's proven strength and
performance just can't be matched. Even if you have big tires and big power there are no
worries. Ultimate CV Axles are low maintenance and operate with a smoothness
you can feel - whether off road or in the street. And we back it all with a
"No Questions Asked" limited lifetime warranty.

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Product Highlights

Ultimate IFS CV Axle set for Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

RCV Ultimate IFS CV Axles for Independent Front Suspension are designed to overcome the limitations of Ford F-150 Raptor IFS axle shafts. Ultimate IFS CV Axles provide increased range of articulation for vehicles modified with a lift kit or long-travel suspension, and provide strength that the original equipment axle shafts just can't match. READ MORE...

RCV Performance

2.5 Ton Rockwell CV Axles

RCV Performance now has available high strength CV axles for the 2.5 Ton Rockwell applications. Featured in OEM 16 splines, 1.75" 40 splines, and 2" 47 splines. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS!

Custom Axles!
Have a custom build, hybrid setup, or can't find the axles you need? That is no problem for us! We manufacture all of our axles in the U.S., and can design, engineer and manufacture a custom axle set for you in as little as 10 days! Call us with your toughest application! 

RCV Performance